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Into The Dark

This song is by Fallen Angels.

[Verse 1] Its cold, its dark
I'm sad, I'm mad
I wanna scream, I wanna cry

It's a dark room, and I'm all alone
Up in the sky, the sun hasn't shown

[Chorus] Every cloud has a silver lining
I'll keep on searching till its in sight
Into the dark
Somewhere to seek inside my heart
Nothing can define the part
Into the dark

[Verse 2] Icant stop at nothing
Got to go, somewhere worth trusting
Into the town, nothings around

I don't want to go home
I just want to go

I can't control this path
But I'm in its dark path
No turning back
Turning back

(These r no artist you know, this is a band me 'n' my friends have, written by Angel *me*)

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