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This song is by Fall of the Leafe and appears on the album August Wernicke (2000).

Delight the finest hour. Pain will overcome.
The times to come and pass.
With death in heart.
Death in heart.
Will you, when the time comes, part?
A reflection of my fears.
Despite this, adore the beauty in red.
Consider now, where to find the soul of a colour?
To help you in the task: ever-on it floweth
And as hindered to cease, all will.
Nebian hero I am.
Curse, fury, all I have, all I need to take it all.
From me, in Vainia.
Lest I ponder, in pain to fall?
Liar! I am the lowest.
I saw the foliage some three times.
No questions arose.
Everything was clear... a crystal.
The golden answer.

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