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Vast But Desolate

This song is by Fall Of Empyrean and appears on the album A Life Spent Dying (2010).

The dawn breaks
From this peaceful sleep, I awake
I breathe the air
Enjoy the beauty of life without despair

The joy I feel, to be alive
Just seems so unreal
I make my way out to face the world, to start this day

But something seems so wrong
Where has everyone gone?
There are no signs of life
Did they all just die?
Why did they just leave me there to live with this misery?

I look around
Is there one soul left to be found?
My growling fear is that there really is no one here

Whispers heard all around me but speak not a word
It has to be all in my head or is this all a dream?

The memory of the past continues to haunt me
Playing tricks with my mind
Only one cure for this disease
Searching for the bitter end
There's no reason to gon on
An end to life just seems right
To join the others who have died
A land so vast
Now desolate at last.

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