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Take The Long Way Home

This song is by Faithless and appears on the album Sunday 8 PM (1998).

I lift ya off the earth, mundane and glum
Out the solar system, way past the sun
Till all the fear in your heart is gone
And so on


Walkin' through the world with no pressure
Inner peace beyond measure
I was leaving, wearing what I came in
When a man said, "Stop"
"I wanna have what you have and get what you got"

I got it sleepin' rough on the streets in the rain
I got it learnin' to share my people's pain
I got it makin' flowers grow in hearts of stone
I got it 'cause I always take the long way home

I been walking through the world with no pressure
Air's fresher, full of vigour
Life becomes my mirror
The further I go, the more I know
Oh, yeah, wherever the wind blow
I'll be there
Turned up in places that I never intended to go
And so ended my youth

I once depended on proof
Now I'm in the flow
There are things I know beyond knowing
I've never seen a seed growin'
I was going back home
When a man said, "Stop"
"I wanna have what you have and get what you got"

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