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Muhammad Ali

This song is by Faithless and appears on the album Outrospective (2001).

"Is all ya keep hearin' it, so long. You no see me a superstar.
Man, I don' have time to was'e with your minions an' ting'."

I see your face in front of me, still grainy
from that old black'n'white TV my whole family silent
Watchin' you shape destiny with your 2 hands
Faster than the eye can see...
Y'know what? Skinny lickle me, started to strut, ten years old,
Suddenly bold 'cause I resolved to live like my hero in the ring...
Be smart, never give an inch, no retreating
An I wrapped up respect from teachers, rednecks
And creatures who attack in a pack like insects, never
Seen the like, not before or since, A young prince
An I remain convinced of his invincibility, athletic agility,
Virility, still a free spirit. Forever through eternity,
Stingin' like a bee...
Muhammad Ali.

I want you to know
Your are the o-riginal

Your achievements defy belief, from the belly of the beast
Risin' like yeast yo, my relief from low self-esteem
Came when I saw you rappin' on my TV screen, float.
Like a butterfly that describe my walk to school.
After fight night, I felt so cool
'Cause I was the greatest, too.
Love of self born simply out of love for you
An I knew someday people'll love me too
None of the hecklin' about my black skin got through.
I woulda walked barefoot through hell for you
It's how I felt back then an I still do so will you
Accept these humble words of praise.
And my gratitude for those glorious days
And meritorious ways instilled in a young mind
Skills sublime,
Yours to mine.

I want you to know
Your are the o-riginal
I want you to know
Your are the o-riginal
I want you to know
Your are the o-riginal

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