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The Crow That Wheeps

This song is by Faith No More.

I jerk every night, after midnight,
It takes quite a while but I cum.
Its great when your jerking around like that
So lets all jerk off tonight!

Now maim and destroy,
Every girl every boy,
Decamate, violate, desecrate,
Exterminate, obliviate, demolish... kill!

I have big hairy nut sacks,
Floating in the sea of spring x3

I watch my left nut,
Bigger then the right,
Saggin low,
Jerking slow.

Now I speak to walls of woe,
Ask them now, maybe they know,
What was asked the day before,
When we started this romance,
You looked at me, and I at you and you said:
You guys make me dance!

So suck my juice, right out of my ass,
Lick the inside clean,
Let me eat shit fried with vinigerate sauce,
And let me sleeze your spleen.

Gui has a small one!

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