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This song is by Faith Evans and appears on the album Faithfully (2001).

Nothing could compare to your love
I'd wake up feeling good everyday
I used to have a problem with love
Until you redirected my way

Faithfully, faithfully, you love me
Your what I need, please don't change
Everyone can see that you love me faithfully

Some say love is just a word
But I know what I t really means
I future and instabilty
That is what you've given to me

Even though we have many arguments
This is stronger than anylove has ever been
We've been through it allm you've been there for me
And I love you just 'cause you love me faithfully

Don't ever change,
I just want you the sameif you ever take your love away
I don't ever want to think about not being here
'Cause you love me so faithfully

Chorus until fade

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