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Desert Song

This song is by Fair Warning and appears on the album Rainmaker (1995).

Refugees ' homeless and bare
Out in the endless sands
Sunburned faces ' eyes of despair
Searching the promised land

And a nameless sorrow '
Way deep inside their souls
If there's no tomorrow '
Nothing will remain
No one ever knows '

As they move '
Through the land of shadow
And the setting sun in a boundless range
As the night comes on
With the desert song

There were times of justice and peace
Or was it just a dream
Golden ages ' joyful and free
So far away it seems

But the sound of laughter '
Still ringing in their ears
If theere's no here after '
Time will turn a page
Seal it with a tear '

On the move '
Through the land of shadows
And the setting sun in a biundless range
As the night comes on '
Sing the desert song

Carved in the dark ' their city of dreams
Drowed in the baseless sands
Gardens of life ' abandoned and bare
Turned to deserted land

Out on the fields of night
Stormwinds begin to rise
Out on the run
With the desert song

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