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​A Thirsty Fish

This song is by Fair To Midland.

It was an early Thursday afternoon
When she skinned us alive
And blamed it on her mother.
And now when she heads out in her "Sunday best,"
I'm wrapped around her neck,
But she won't admit.

A yellow-belly isn't gonna' have the guts,
But sometimes, son, they still get the glory.
It's like the story of the thirsty fish
That jumped Bailey Bridge,
And wouldn't admit it.

You wonderful waste of space,
Who quotes 'Amazing Grace,'
Raising up your right hand
With a little X behind your back.

A Thirsty Fish, which in fact is a different, early version of Amarillo Sleeps on My Pillow, could have possibly been recorded as a demo in late 2009. It was not recorded during the May 2009 demos, but was played infrequently around the same time, these lyrics were discovered by a fan after a live show.