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Searching For You

This song is by Fair Exchange and appears on the album Fair Exchange (1989).

Long moments filled with silence
There's not a single word from you
Separation caused by blindness
I'm waiting on a line from you

Hollow feelings seem to haunt me
All this pain comes from deep within
Desperation seems to hold me
Holds me deep in its tightened web

I've looked to all You are
I've searched beyond the sky
But how can I a man
Reach out to You so high?

Searching for You
I've been trying so hard to find You
Searching for You
I've been reaching too high above me

Silence broken by a call within me
Calling out to my deepest soul
I can feel Your voice surround me
I can see that I've wandered home

Searching for You
But You found me here and now

Written by:

Steve Headland and Mark Pauley

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