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Album by Fair Exchange.
  1. Changes Required
  2. Will I Ever Be The Same?
  3. When Love Goes
  4. Friend In Need
  5. Searching For You
  6. Why Can't You Believe?
  7. Don't Give Up
  8. You're Always There
  9. Victim Of Circumstance
  10. You Are The Reason
  11. The Edge


  • Steve Headland - Guitars
  • Mark Pauley - Lead Vocals, Guitars
  • Gary Zdenek - Drums, Percussion
  • Mike Sumption - Keyboards
  • Tom Allain - Bass
  • Background vocals by Gary Zdenek, Mike Sumption, Masters Plan, Sharon Wisner, Dawn Wisner-Johnson, Jim Wisner, Beth Wisner, Grace Lynne Heer, and Robyn Santee

Add. Musicians

  • Brad Roberts - Bass
  • Manny Morales - Bass
  • John Phillips - Saxophone


  • Produced by Fair Exchange
  • Robert Dire - Tracking Engineer, Mixing Engineer
  • Dave Jahnsen - Mixing Engineer
  • Mike Sumption - Production Assistant

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