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This song is by Fair and appears on the album The Best Worst-Case Scenario (2006).

In the sweet glow of the light
You revive my folly
When you shout like nothing dies
I can see you're sorry

When your sad mouth figures out
Like a child in mourning
And you laugh like water drowns
Cause you hear it coming

When you laugh you give it away (sing it slow like quicksand)
You touch my hand
And say you're never afraid (and push me off the deep end)

With a hold on paradise
And an act to follow
You control your compromise
With your white washed sorrow

When your hope crawls undernearth
What you're dreaming for me
You're as blind as I can see
When you hear it coming

And when you lie
Your lips curl like a wave of separation
And when you laugh
You know you give it away (you know you give it away)
You know you give it away


Written by:

Aaron Sprinkle and Erick Newbill

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