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This song is by Failure and appears on the album Magnified (1994).

Someone said they'd like
to set you up
They're gonna feed on you
just sleep now
Should've known they'd
try and make you cry
They're gonna have fun now
don't fight it

Let me come undone in
your house
I need to kill some
time tonight
Let me come undone in
your mouth
I need to know that you're the same

Could've guessed you
were the only one
They wanted to laugh at
believe them
No surprise you let it
get to you
It was always there
can't hide it

Your face is easy to hate
Looking helpless
and sincere
Curls up in self-sickness
Lick your wounds and
dream of home

let me come undone in
your house
Let me come undone
and kill some time
Let me come undone in
your mouth
Let me come undone
and feel the same

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