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Two Souls One Heart

This song is by Fahrenheit and appears on the album Chain Reaction (2005).

Still written in my mind
Yet so hard to understand
How love slipped away
Like water from our hands
Shall we bow our heads together
And start all over again
There's no need to say we're sorry
Embraced in silence we'll remain
It's not easy to remember
And it's harder to forget
Let's make it last forever

Two souls one heart tonight
We'll never be the same
In the heat of the night
I will be by your side
Let our fire burn
Just one more time girl

Foolish pride
Kept me blinded for so long
Thought I could live
Without your touch
Girl, I've never been so wrong...
Is it so hard to forget
Must I show what yo mean to me
Take my life, my soul, my heart
There worth nothing
When we're apart

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