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No News, Good News

This song is by Fahrenheit and appears on the album Chain Reaction (2005).

The call of duty
Your honor at stake
Sometimes you ask
How much can you take
A sudden chill
You're in for a thrill
Your badge, your gun
Go for the kill
Kiss her and wave goodbye
This might be your last time
Boy you'll be back
By the end of the year
No one believes in such a lie

No news...
Is good news
Hey boy (HEY)
Be ready to step
Into no man's land
No news...
Is good news
Hey girl (HEY)
Be ready to cry
Because you won't
Get him back

Who're you praying to?
There ain't no God here
You're gonna die
Boy is that what you fear
Where are your guts
The soldier's blood
You gotta kill
If you want to survive
This war has just begun
There ain't no place to run
No room for fear
In these killing fields
No place for love
Inside your heart

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