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Stop Calling My Name

This song is by Faf Larage.

stop stop
stop stop

you are my love, honey pie
you are my life, suger plum
you gave me my heart, huney bunch
and you told me to go!!

you said

Stop calling my name! (calling my name)
Stop it rite now (it rite now)
Stop calling my name! (calling my name)
me and you are through(we are through)
why why why why
why why why why

verse 2

you are my soul, cherry cake
you are my world, pumpkin pie
you are my sunlight, bunny cake
and you told me to leave

you said


just come back
i said come back
i said baby
just come back to me
don't let me leave
don't let me go
we can work it out out out out out

but you said !!!!!!!!


i guess we are through
(calling my name)
are we through?
(calling my name)

i really really can't stop
calling your name



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