Faf Larage:From Life To Love Lyrics

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From Life To Love

This song is by Faf Larage.

It all started 20 years ago
when i saw you eating a hot diggity dog
you were lickin that rellish and sucking that ketchup
like your life depended on that little hot diggity dog


The moment I saw you
my hole life changed
you were the one who was
with me in the rain
From Life to love
you were the one i wanna hold
from life to love
you were the one i wanna see
from life to love

it all ended 20 minutes ago
when i was riding the pharris wheel
you hopped aboard
and you kicked me off that horse
i said whats wrong? whats wrong
why are you acting this way?
what did i do?
what did i do
and she kept riding away!


i said dududududu!
from life to love
love love!!
from life to love