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Fantasy Girl

This song is by Faf Larage.

Oh oh ooh oh oh ooh

U are the one I have dreamed about
U are the dream I dream aboouuhaout
U are always with me when I'm down
And ur always the one who lifts ma head off the ground

Did you hear me heaven I said...
U are ma love
U are ma hunny bunny
Without you ma world would collide
Just the a spaceship and the moooooon

That night after dinner at the elegant place
I saw ur face with another mate
I don't even remember what the place was called
'Cause I was too busy givin' you the look

I said GENA... GENA... G-G-G ena
I luv you you baby and you will always be in ma heart
I dream about you everynight
And it hurts me so bad when I see us apart

I love you Gena from the bottem of ma beaten heart.