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Throw The Warped Wheel Out (1984)Edit

Fiction Factory - Throw The Warped Wheel Out
Throw The Warped Wheel Out
  1. (Feels Like) Heaven
  2. Heart And Mind
  3. Panic
  4. The Hanging Gardens
  5. All Or Nothing
  6. Hit The Mark
  7. Ghost Of Love
  8. Tales Of Tears
  9. The First Step
  10. The Warped Wheel

Another Story (1985)Edit

Another Story
Another Story
  1. Another Story
  2. Standing On The Top Of The World
  3. Not The Only One
  4. All For You
  5. Lose Your Heart In Nature
  6. No Time
  7. The Powder Room
  8. Make Believe
  9. Time Is Right
  10. Victoria Victorious

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