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This song is by Face to Face and appears on the album How to Ruin Everything (2002).

Is there a way to become invisible?
You say you might but you wouldn't dare
I think it works when it's unintentional
I know you hear me and I know that you don't care
I'm not invisible

I didn't say that you were unemotional
You put it on like the clothes you wear
You've got emotion but it's one-dimensional
You're full of hate, full of anger, full of fear
I'm not invisible (x2)

No love is unconditional
No way to walk that line
You couldn't make it if you tried


Is there a way to become invisible?
I've done my best to be seen and heard
I'm not amazing and I'm not original
I'm not so sure did you even catch a word?
I'm not invisible (x2)


No love is unconditional (x4)