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Just 4 Christmas

This song is by Fabrizio Faniello.

Album : When We Dance

Every night I am dreaming of you,
And all the things we will do,
It's gonna be me and you.
Hear me now, oh my angel have mercy,
Can't you show her the way?
The way back to me.

RIT: Just 4 Christmas
Santa Claus bring me my baby back,
That's all I'm wishing for this year yeah.
Here's my vision,
Me and her under the mistletoe
A love so true and real,
That grows and grows.

Everyday I am praying 4 you,
And hope wherever you are,
Life is not so crude.
And whenever you need somebody just think,
I am always here for you,
That would be cool.

RIT: Just 4 Christmas..

Bring her to me she's all I need,
And Christmas night will be complete.
The one 4 me the air I breath.
Santa please don't let me freeze now.

RIT: Just 4 Christmas

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