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Phone Numbers

This song is by Fabolous and appears on the Mixtape The S.O.U.L. Tape (2011).

You (x12)

(Fabolous - Intro)
Y'all niggas better stop playin' with me
Y'all know ya ain't bout that life
"SOUL tape"

I'm callin them out
I got they phone numbers (x2)
When that money callin everything gon on hold (x2)

(Fabolous - Verse 1)
I'm having doubts, what they really believe
Starting with these Stefan Urquelle, who really be Steve
Photoshop don't make it better, it really deceive
Long hair don't care, but it really be weave
Let's get back to this real shit
That life, I'm bout
Anytime that I'm out, I keep ballin like there's no time out
On the kush I'm stoned out
On you haters, I zone out
Y'all opinions don't make me money

So what y'all thinkin' don't count
I mean the nerve of these niggas giving me attitude
When I be serving these niggas
You rappers platter food

Saying they overrated is a understatement
Them niggas is broke, look like they under maintenance
They rapping bout mansions, but from they momma's basement
Swear they in phantoms, but drive a honda station
Let's get back to this real shit
Stay away from that counterfeit
That fake-it till you make-it life, really don't amount to shit
Talkin' never bothers us, sometimes it do bore me
So if ya makin' movies, hope it based on a true story
Freck said "nothings worse than a rich hater"
When money call, pick it up 'n' call that bitch later

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