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Never Let It Go

This song is by Fabolous.

(Chorus - Keys)
If only I could see you again
I will make sure that those days never end
If only I could do it all again
Just to have one more chance
I'll never let it go

(Fabolous talking over Chorus)
I mean life's not like that though
Sometimes you only get one shot
Most times, yeah

(Verse 1 - Fabolous)
Don't you hate a could of, would of, should of nigga?
Could of did, would of did, well you should of nigga (nigga)
I am never on the iffy shit
You see her with me, you ain't gotta wonder if he hit
My daddy was a player too, Ken Griffey shit
He said kill these hoes and get the death certificates (haha)
So when I do me, I over do it
In the red Rover sendin bitches over to it
Might use the Caddy, part-time golfer
But act now I'm a limited time offer
And I'm off the, chain like a stray dog
If I want it, I'm a fetch it, I don't play dog (I don't play dog)
I see the game from a sick angle
New York had a chance, the bitch pick Tango
In my case you get one opportunity
Minus convertible, so let's call it drop-tunity, haha

(Verse 2 - Fabolous)
Get a slice of the pie now, you wait till the pizza's cold
Then you sayin' what you +Shoulda+ did like Keyshia Cole
+I Should Have Cheated+ (nah), I +Shoulda Let You Go+ (nah)
I just shake 'em off (yeah), Etch A Sketch a ho (haha)
I draw a blank, back to the drawing board
I'm like Michael Jordan if we talkin' scorin broads (damn)
To me you got one chance to miss ya shot (yeah)
Better get ya J up (yeah), life is not a layup (nah)

Meanin', sometime they make it hard
Like a straight dude, naked broad get on top of me
Why give an inch if she can take a yard? (woo)
You land on "Chance," take a card, it's Monopoly
I think past "Go" (yeah), 200 on my mental dash though
And my foot is on the gas ho
If opportunity ain't there, make one
They ain't give me a chance, so I had to take one, Los'

(Fabolous talking over Chorus)
Niggaz be lookin' at shit that's right in front of 'em man
They don't even see their chance is right in front of 'em
You know? It's fucked up

(Verse 3 - Fabolous)
I look at Obama and I more than glance
I don't just see change, I saw a chance
How many hustlers do you know waitin for a chance?
Some pedal more than Lance in the Tour de France
How many convicts inside waitin for a break?
That's rare, short time, waitin for a steak
How many shooters holdin' heat, waitin for a shot?
Fall asleep in the car waitin for a shot
Sniper's in D.C., I know what he see
I'm tryin' to put you on to it, Cici
Just ate fried chicken, I took greasy
I told this bitch I'm a Mac/Mack not a P.C. (haha)
I sit niggaz down, don't let 'em stand a chance
Only way you squares ride is a ambulance
Kill 'em while you got a chance in a Bronco
Or it comes back in the end, Benny Blanco, yes

Fabolous F/ Keys Never Let It Go lyrics

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