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Dancin' 'Round The Kitchen

This song is by Fables.

D. Fitzpatrick (SOCAN)

My Pop was a hard workin' man from Spaniards Bay
He never had much time to stop
He'd work 'til late in the evening from the break of dawn
For enough to get him by was all he got

Grandma's gentle hand touched so many hearts in town
Everyone around called her Nan
She knew just how to pick you up when you were feelin' down
Always there to help a stranger or a friend

I remember watching my Pop and my Nan
Waltzing to 'The Black Velvet Band'
Smiles on their faces, they embraced one another
Dancin' round the kitchen, hand in hand

Up in the garden when I should have been in school
Workin' the ground with my Pop
He said "there's work to be done son, you must lend a hand
You know we're all depending on the crop"


Nan... she'd always greet you with a kiss and a smile
They worked real hard then took time out for awhile


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