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​One Day

This song is by FLO and Threat and appears on the single Team Up (2014).

(Hook - Eris Ford)
This just got to personal
And every smile can't be trusted
It's been a while since I've lusted
But then dreams came crashing down
Can't take this weight forever
Mistakes don't make it better
But if I run from You
I know You'll catch me one day
One day (x5)
I know You'll catch me one day
One day (x5)

(Verse 1 - FLO)
The week it starts more than anything I'm sleep deprived
I see the sky and all I think about is meeting God
My biggest problem even now is that I think a lot
You'd be surprised how many insecurities I got
I need to stop but the evil drives me crazy
Can't even vibe with the people I see daily
Being real I don't seem to find peace lately
Me revealed take a peek behind the scenes maybe
Maybe I should slow it down
Maybe I should keep it quiet 'cause I'm older now
Though within I'm like a child and I wanna shout
I decide to sit here in this silence with a low moral
Yesterday I was sitting on the cloud
Guess I had a debt to pay starting over now
Guess I'm so attached to my emotion I just don't know how to
Cope cause anything will leave me broken and I mope around

(Verse 2 - Threat)
I guess it all come to a head
How someone who was close to you get left behind when you get ahead
But all in all we never reached the top without the bottom
Though I wish to have 'em here they think I forgot 'em
Man I see it coming but to me it's nothing really
We all complain we all in need of something
My feet on the train I hear they sneakers running
But then it fades and my isolation is like a grave
Why they hating like I got it made I'm just a slave
To success 'cause I traded freedom to where these chains
I invested everything I own
It's all or nothing on this road and I paid the tolls well most of 'em
Spared some change for the angry troll
He gave me access to the places that I couldn't go
I should've known never boarded with a wicked soul
They want control you shake their hand and they get in your soul
They rip the scrolls

(Verse 3 - Threat)
Every tablet on your heart but after this the passion of the Christ
Became a light miraculous I wear the mark
Spared the cross as I remain in abstinence I live to be alive
Where people die and even after it try to capture it
Chastening in every fast that you imagining
To never let the fire die after the match is lit
The lasses drip out of the plastic wrapping on the packages
And you gone need a napkin to clean up the accident
The captures reads I'm back on my knees
Back on the boat I need the captain to master the seas
I have somebody close to me with a tragic decease
But I'm a pray till every demon is cast to the keys
And really what else am I here for
Why these ignorant rappers wanna get a deal for
What we living for what we getting killed for
Maybe if we sin a little less we could here more
It's unfinished business

(Verse 4 - FLO)
Money, power, respect nobody satisfied
Devoured by the flesh that we never gratify
Thinking that we found the key to happiness that's a lie
For me to be where I'm at somebody had to die
That is why I be asking God how I feel like
Every good thing that happen to me bout to pass me by
Had me enough of these negative people
Love the same God hate each other we separate equal
Really I can't even front like I'm never deceitful
Indifference in my tone as I get in the bed with this evil
Forgive me if I'm wrong simply
A human being that's sick of being alone
The issue is rooted deep and it's disciple to expose
Kids that are feeling threatened and pressured to fit a mold
He's so full of regret that he never picked up the phone
And she's severely depressed 'cause he left her up in the cold
These are the things we wrestle with desperately till we fold
I'm praying that this message will penetrate to the soul this for someone
Yeah I know the truth will leave you undone
But it ain't nothing to run from