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Love You

This song is by FLO and Threat.

(Verse 1 - FLO)
21 years old born in the summer but this one here cold
Thinking it defound the winter it would shine never glitter but there weren't real gold
Tell me why it feel like commitment don't really exist anymore
Saying we in love and we dress it up now we on that Christian Dior
Win me galore didn't matter 'cause I picked you promise the intention was pure
Thought you were the one first time that I kissed you but I don't wanna take the risk anymore
I was love sick now I'm sick of love maybe I'm resisting the cure
Heart broken into pieces I pick 'em up see the blood drip to the floor
All frantic baby another relationship falls apart and I just get
Agitated wasn't they way that it all played out in my
Imagination oh well maybe it was something I was doing wrong
Do you think about me whenever you alone feeling like I'd never be without you now I'm moving on
Live and you learn some maybe it's be different if it weren't done
Or if we could rid ourselves of this superficial let me understand the meaning of this word love
I just been in love with the idea somebody for me to touch whenever I feel
Butterflies in my stomach but they not real time heals wounds I just gotta keep my eyes pealed

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