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This song is by FLO, features Threat and appears on the Single Team Up (2014) by FLO and Threat.

(Verse 1 - FLO)
Looking back in to times in my past I fell down
Came to the Father you could ask how I feel now
Fully loaded with the lyrics and I'm rolling with the Spirit
So you know I'm finna hit 'em wit the real rounds
Like a chopper I ain't never tryna chill out
Unashamed is the motto that is why I'm real loud
Run and pray to the Father every time I feel doubt
Start fresh like a lemon and I peel out
You can probably catch me in a filled crowd
Hands up there's a dance in His presence
I'd do anything just to get a glance at the heavens
Life on this planet don't last for a second
And I'm after repentance glad that He meant it
When He said that it was finished and my past was forgiven
Made the past the beginning of a brand new en devour
I'm a sinner living in a Man that's lasting forever
Had to surrender after I felt His
Unconditional love and I was wrapped in His splendor
My reaction was simply committing to His love
A gift from above and His passion it severed
Every chain of the enemy I'm a better me
Ready for incredible the same I could never be
Yes I'm a fall but my sinning is irrelevant
In Him I never fell again I really gotta tell a friend
Can't keep a secret
Anytime I get a chance to yell it I'm a speak it
Got ants in my pants this evangelism
Has granted me with the ability to smash the vision
The masters gripping anybody whose hands are slipping
I'm past the limit Satan coming I'm asked to get him
My passions giving the masses a blast of vision
But wrath's diligently given on my path to heaven let's get it

Whoa Yeah (x4)

(Verse 2 - Threat)
Cold ain't nothing but the love
But the love of the Father must have caused an emotion
I'm chosen though I drop in the ocean
He took me from the bottom of the sea to the open
Clouds carry me around as I bow down
Singing let it rain let it rain Father let it rain
Open the flood gates of heaven and pour out your presence
So people can finally be healed Lord
The pride of man is a mockery of you
Don't you wanna show 'em 'cause they wanna deny You if You were here Lord
Dear Lord I was hardly the perfect candidate
But You demanded greatness and cause a picture to animate
Creation at the tip of your thumb
When my whole soul was dirty and stick en to gum
Know what it's like to feel the bang at the click of a gun
Just point me in the right direction to witness your resurrection done

(Bridge - FLO)
Set me free I'm not what I
Used to be Jesus You
Set me free I'm not what I
Used to be got me singing

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