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This song is by FGFC820 and appears on the album Urban Audio Warfare (2006).

You say the world is out to get you
You're living on borrowed time
You're always looking over your shoulder
At the demons in your mind

There's something moving in the shadows
Someone's hiding behind the door
Suspicion breeds in every stranger
Terror bleeds from every sore

You say you're feeling down and out
So what?
This world makes you want to shout
So what?
You're looking for a helping hand
Well, guess what?
Where you die is where you stand
So what?

You say that no one understands you
Nobody knows where you've been
You take it all upon your shoulders
You know you just can't win

There's something stirring deep within you
The fear is building up inside
Welcome to human existence
Close your eyes and come alive

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