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Ready For A World

This song is by FFH and appears on the album Ready To Fly (2003).

I've been standing on the edge
Waiting for a sign
Ready for the world to stop its turning
I've been looking everywhere
And it seems all that I find
Is evidence of Your, Your great returning

And my mind starts wondering far away
To when I'll be in a better place

'Cause I am ready for a world
Where my eyes will finally see
Where my heart has longed to be,
I am ready for a world
When I will kneel before Your throne
And I will hear the words "you are finally home"
I am ready for that woels
But for now and until then
I will try and comprehend
How my world will be made new
I'm ready, I'm ready

I've been staring at the sky
Looking past the clouds
Wondering if You are just beyond them
I can almost see it now
How everything will change
When You start coming down in a cloud of glory

And my mind starts wondering far away
To be where I'll be in a better place

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