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Other SongsEdit

The songs listed below should be split into albums. Please remove this section once this has been done. (more information)
  1. Ai Bu Hui Yi Zhi Deng Ni (Love Will Not Wait For Y
  2. Ai De Ling Yu
  3. Ai Zai Ai Ni
  4. Ask For More
  5. At The First Place
  6. Blue (Chantal Kreviazuk
  7. Broken Vow
  8. Can't Help Falling In Love (Chinese)
  9. Can't Lose You (Chinese)
  10. Can't Lose You (English Version)
  11. Can't Lose You
  12. Cant Help Falling In Love With You
  13. Chu Chai Can (English Version)
  14. Di Yi Shi Jian
  15. Donna Samurai
  16. Era Estate
  17. Fammi Un Sorriso
  18. Fiore
  19. Got To Have You
  20. Happy
  21. Here We Are(Ken Zhu)
  22. I Loved You All The Way
  23. Inside Of My Guitar (Ken Zhu)
  24. Io Sono Io
  25. Ji De Wo Ai Ni (Vic)
  26. Ji Mo Guang Chang
  27. Jue Bu Neng Shi Qu Ni
  28. LAmore Visto Da Lontano
  29. La Prima Volta
  30. Liu Xing Yu(Meteor Rain)
  31. Liu Xing
  32. Looking For Juliet (English)
  33. Looking For Juliet
  34. Love
  35. Make A Wish
  36. Meteor Rain (English)
  37. Meteor Rain
  38. Ni Bu Ai Wo Ai Shui (Who Do You Love If Not Me)
  39. Ni Bu Ai Wo Ai Shui
  40. Ni Yao De Ai (English Translation)
  41. Ni Yao De Ai (The Love You Want)
  42. Perfect Moment (Martine Mccutcheon)
  43. Perfect Moment
  44. Piove Sulle Mie Parole
  45. Qing Fei De Yi (Mandarin Not English)
  46. Qing Fei De Yu
  47. Qing Tian (One Fine Day)
  48. Quante Vite Hai
  49. Quello Che Resta Della Notte
  50. Settling (Tara Maclean)
  51. Shen Ti Hui Chang Ge (Body Will Sing)
  52. Show Me Your Love
  53. Shui Rang Ni Liu Lei
  54. Stanco
  55. Sto Volando Per Te
  56. Sul Fondo Del Mare
  57. Te Amo (Wo Ai Ni)
  58. Tong Hua Hai Bu Gou Mei Hao
  59. Wo Ai Shi
  60. Wo Shi Zhen De Zhen De Hen Ai Ni
  61. Xiang Xiang Shi Ge Ni (Imagine Ten Of You)
  62. Yan Huo De Ji Jie(Season Of Fireworks)
  63. Yan Huo De Ji Jie
  64. Yao Ding Ni
  65. Yo Te Amo(By Chayanne)
  66. 流星雨

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