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Springfield, IL

This song is by Ezra Furman & The Harpoons and appears on the album Inside The Human Body (2008).

In a shining white hotel room in Springfield, Il
I found myself a real sentimental boy
At the bars I look for girls
Who look like they've been crying
Those are the girls I wanna make them mine
Child, you better look around
There's a reason you're in Springfield town
And child, there's a lesson to learn
Look there's my friend in a trench coat and a wine glass in his hand
My heart sings a song of a forgotten land
He's reading the sports section and I'm reading the comics
Big bad world makes me wanna vomit
I can feel my soul escaping out my mouth
I can't tell if it's headed North or South
Child, as your madness grows
You'll find out what the lonely ones know
And child, pick your clothes out and get dressed
Springfield is blooming in this weather, and it's opening to reveal
The secrets and lies that all cities conceal
I looked at the beast in all its fury, and its mouth opened wide
I could see the big lonely inside
All the lonely people live in a world where no one sees their face
I hope they know I live in the same place

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