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​Bloodsucking Whore

This song is by Ezra Furman & The Harpoons and appears on the album Mysterious Power (2011).

Please say you love me
I'll give you all of my money
I won't change my mind
I'll suck out the blood
From your jugular vein
If you treat me kind

And I'll sell my body
To take you out
To the movies on Friday
I'll kiss your neck
I'll be your all and your everything
You ain't seen nothing yet

Baby, you're one I adore
Don't say 'maybe'
If you'll be my, then I'll be your
Bloodsucking whore

With my x-ray vision
I can see with great precision
I can see your heart beat
Full of blood, and it's pumping
And pumping, oh
Won't you be my darling?

Girl you drive me wild
Let's have sex,
But let's not make a child
Twisting, I feel so twisted
I'm letting out all of the feelings
That I never knew existed

Baby. no one's honest anymore
But we could be different
If you be my, then I'll be your
Bloodsucking whore