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The Year of No Returning (2012)Edit

Ezra Furman - The Year of No Returning

The Year of No Returning

  1. Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
  2. American Soil
  3. Lay in the Sun
  4. Sinking Slow
  5. That's When It Hit Me
  6. Down
  7. Cruel Cruel World
  8. Are You Gonna Break My Heart?
  9. Bad Man
  10. The Queen of Hearts

Day of the Dog (2013)Edit

Ezra Furman - Day of the Dog

Day of the Dog

  1. I Wanna Destroy Myself
  2. Tell 'em All to Go to Hell
  3. My Zero
  4. Day of the Dog
  5. Walk on in Darkness
  6. Cold Hands
  7. Anything Can Happen
  8. And Maybe God Is a Train
  9. Been So Strange
  10. The Mall
  11. At the Bottom of the Ocean
  12. Slacker / Adria
  13. Cherry Lane

Perpetual Motion People (2015)Edit

Ezra Furman - Perpetual Motion People

Perpetual Motion People

  1. Restless Year
  2. Lousy Connection
  3. Hark! to the Music
  4. Haunted Head
  5. Hour of Deepest Need
  6. Wobbly
  7. Ordinary Life
  8. Tip of a Match
  9. Body Was Made
  10. Watch You Go By
  11. Pot Holes
  12. Can I Sleep in Your Brain?
  13. One Day I Will Sin No More

Big Fugitive Life (2016)Edit

Ezra Furman - Big Fugitive Life

Big Fugitive Life

  1. Teddy I’m Ready
  2. Haley’s Comet
  3. Little Piece of Trash
  4. Penetrate
  5. Splash of Light
  6. The Refugee

Transangelic Exodus (2018)Edit

Ezra Furman - Transangelic Exodus

Transangelic Exodus

  1. Suck the Blood From My Wound
  2. Driving Down to L.A
  3. God Lifts Up the Lowly
  4. No Place
  5. The Great Unknown
  6. Compulsive Liar
  7. Maraschino-Red Dress $8.99 at Goodwill
  8. From a Beach House
  9. Love You So Bad
  10. Come Here Get Away From Me
  11. Peel My Orange Every Morning
  12. Psalm 151
  13. I Lost My Innocence

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