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Angel Song

This song is by Ezio and appears on the album Black Boots On Latin (1995).

I dreamt I was in Heaven
And I was sitting in a bar
With all the other angels,
You were smoking a cigar
One hand on your hip
And one foot on a chair
And a golden ostrich feather
That was planted in your hair

And if I really were an angel,
I'd float over your bed
Each night a different dream of me
I'd plant inside your head
And if I were an angel,
I tell you what I'd do
I'd appear in a vision
And I'd give my wings to you

And I'd say, "come closer
Fly into the light
And please, please don't be stupid
Let me sleep tonight"
No I'd say, "Please don't be stupid
Let me sleep tonight"

I dreamt you were a genie
And I found you in the sand
And you were trapped inside a bottle
And I held you in my hand
And you said you'd grant me wishes
If you were ever freed
I said "an empty head when I go to bed
Is all I'll ever need"

So I, of course, released you, hoping you would keep your word
And you laughed the cruellest laugh that I had ever heard
And you said, "About these wishes, it's too late to decide"
But I remembered that it was my dream... so I put you back inside

I dreamt I was a pirate
Aboard a pirate ship
And for a hand I had a hook
And for a heart I had a whip
And you were trapped inside your bottle
And I kept you down below
And you begged me to release you...
But I would not let you go

One night I was awoken
While we were out at sea
By a floating apparition
Glowing incandescently
And I could see you clearly
As all around was black
And you tore off both your wings, said
"Hey now you can have them back!"

And you said "come closer
Fly into the light
And please, please don't be stupid
Let me sleep tonight"
No you said, "Please don't be stupid
Let me sleep tonight

Tonight ... tonight

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