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Transience Blues

This song is by Eyeless In Gaza and appears on the compilation album Voice: The Best of Eyeless in Gaza (Recollections 1980-1986) (1993).

Closed and smiling
Crimped at the corners
Transient in flight
Splash at me
Serves as a reminder
Of real and vital life

Softly you go
To transport far from gloom

Fast not slow
The constant deluge
Of stunning heartbeats
An impassioned face
Laughing in the air
While still air
Seem to shake

Rain noises
Soak into the bitter night

Rain trickles
And gutter run
In speeding paths of pale light
Saw through window muted
Steamy liquid
Rush and run
As silver falls in sliver


Written by:

Martyn Bates and Peter Becker

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