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This song is by Exxplorer and appears on the album Coldblackugly (1996).

a) Among Them

Pictures of god
And sin
And the pain
I've caused
Others and myself
Float through
My mind
Like crippled angels
Who can neither land
Nor find peace

I find myself among them

b) Disfigured

Somebody help me,
Somebody save me,
I want to drag
A blade across my face
I'm in conflict
With that Christ again,
Like some unholy
Martyr who's dying for sin
I want to burn, yeah,
I want to bleed
You think I'm kidding man,
I'm real as real can be
I've been feeling
Those demons again,
Let my cross-eyed
Suicide of spirit begin

I feel tight, tight as a fist
And somehow blind
Like a mind full of ignorance
Turned away from the light
Pushed away from the light
Drawn away from the light
I wish Judas would kiss me,
And take me down,
Before I hurt the ones who love me now

I am disfigured, out of control
I am disfigured, let my face match my soul

Open your eyes Christ, don't turn away
All I do, I do for you
That your pain not be in vain

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