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Deliver Us To Evil

This song is by Exodus and appears on the album Another Lesson In Violence (1997) and on the album Let There Be Blood (2008).

In my grave down below
Hell's fire starts to glow
My prayers have now been heard
By my lord, my god. master lucifer
There is no life or birth
When the undead walk the earth
Unholy blaspheme and torment
Are now set free

Lead us into temptation
A reign of terror will begin
Deliver us to evil
We promise death, world's end

Incubus in the sky
Pentagram held high
Hell's filth hounds begin to bark
The bells begin to tone
Virgin lies in blood
The blood was once her own
The redness and the horror of blood
Swept across the land I stood

Lead us into temptation
A weigh of terror will begin
Deliver us to evil
We promise death, world's end

Black prince of hell
In fire he reigns
Your god above wrapped up in chains
There is no love
When works collide
Deliver us to evil
When god has died

I laugh while they cry
Their fears build up inside
In their confusion they try to run
But it's no use, my work is done
Slow death is the price
For living such wasted lives
Their bodies they burn and bleed
Until they bow, my word they heed

You've led us into temptation
Our reign of terror has begun
Deliver us to evil
Prince of hell
Satan's son!

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