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This song is by Exit 159.

Muthafucka !!
Im da only Renegade
real name rene
tricky t gave me da name
the only nigga that I know who smoke weed all day
Yo !!
dis is fo really
he holding it up for Traverse City
while Im puttin it down for L-Town
he da only one who smoke with me till I fall down
Hell ya !!
me and tricky t gone off dat weed
ready to ride a train
on dat busto bitch randy
yeah, trick know what I mean
she sucked my dick so clean
I had to cover my mouth
so she wouldnt hear me scream
but ranover randy its cool
im just here acting a fool
now let me tell you how T.C. da chill spot
niggaz be fishing and chilling on the dock
while taken shots
of whatever we got
Yo !
dis all I got
so rate it and let me know if its hot
and if you like it
ill add some more shit.

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