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Without You

This song is by Exit and appears on the album Two Words (1999).

Last night I closed my eyes
Just one more day gone by
I dreamed I saw your face
In some familiar place

And you didn't need
Anyone but me
And it was a dream
But it felt real to me

And I could hold you
Like I used to
And I could touch you
Like I'm supposed to
And love was more than just
Another game for you to play
And I could tell you
The things I want to
And you were with me
Because you really were in love
But then I woke up again today
Without you

(End chorus)

The days go by so slow
And you're over me I know
So I'll close my eyes to see
How good it used to be

When you didn't need
Anyone but me
And everything was more
Than just a dream

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