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The Sidewalk

This song is by Exit and appears on the album Two Words (1999).

I'm walking alone, late at night
And I notice, a vision of a human,
Walking near, and so I slowly
Make room for her, on the sidewalk
But she slows down and she says
She says hello
And so I'.

Stop what I'm thinking
And at that time I start talking
To a girl that I met late at night
On the sidewalk
And I find myself dreaming a dream
Of a boy, and a girl who don't know
Much at all

As time passes I'm a man
She's a woman
And the only thing left for us now
Is the rest of our lives
And now and then, if her and I
Aren't too busy, we'll walk hand and hand
On the sidewalk


On the sidewalk
On the sidewalk

(end bridge)

Then we'll stop walking
Before I know it I am kissing
A girl that I met late at night, long ago
On the sidewalk
And reality becomes of a dream
Of a boy, now a man
And a girl, now a woman
On the sidewalk