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This song is by Exit and appears on the album Two Words (1999).

We've got the afternoon together
We've got the evening and the night
So let the rain pour down, don't worry
Stay here with me and hold me tight

Never more scared to face the morning
But I'm not afraid to fall in love
Look in my eyes and show your feelings
We've got no more time for acting tough

I want to learn so much about you
I want to know the way you live
I want to take your heart in passion
But I want to give all I can give

Stare at the clock so time goes slower
Try not to even close your eyes
I'll lock the door and lie down with you
And we'll make some dreams and fantasize


Is this for real, are you feeling
Something too, it almost seems
Love is too good to be true
We'll make this last

(end chorus)

I'll go to sleep tonight just shaking
After I sing this to myself
I'll spend the week making my living
Making me put you on a shelf

But I'll think of you with every moment
And it will brighten up the days
And then the weekend I will see you
Mile after mile I'll make my way


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