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Blonde Beauty

This song is by Exit and appears on the album Two Words (1999).

There you are, alone in your car
I don't think I, know who you are
But I see you smile, after a while
Of driving next to me

With your long blonde hair
I can't help but stare
I see you wave your hand in the air
And then you turn right, and off into the night
You go (oh no)

A few days go by, and I wonder why
I didn't have the nerve, to give you the eye
So you would pull over, and I'd ask you over
To my place (yeah, yeah)

A few weeks go by, and I'm feelin groovy
I ask my friend, to go see a movie
And out of the blue, I was thinking of you
And oh no look in the front row
It was you


My blonde beauty dream lover
What these eyes of mine discover
Will there ever be another
Girl like you
You're my blonde beauty dream lover

(end chorus)

After the show, I told my friend Joe
To wait by the car, cause I had to go
And talk to you, before you would do
What you did before

Oh I see your car, it's not very far
I'll just walk right over and ask how you are
But once again, the evening ends
With you driving away

(chorus) 2x

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