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A Fractured Gesture

This song is by Exit and appears on the album The Blind Alley (2013).

So I talked to nadine and she said to meet them at the bar, and I'm trying to shadow my words by indiscretions and a sleight of hand that I hope they don't see through - so when I meet them at the bar they'll still believe in short possibilities and in what could hide behind a mystery, and I'll dress myself in blacks and in reds - fit for the occasion or a miscommunication, this liar's club is very elite: you were born a member or you better know someone. and I'm shaking like the devil on a date with a future that he never, ever planned. and as the stars as my witness, they could never see this coming.
Nadine, can't you see that this isn't me - that you're a figment; a fractured gesture towards a life unfulfilled. you'll never be a scar, just a name at a bar, and I'm frightened to think that everyone is you.

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