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60 Miles

This song is by Exit and appears on the album Two Words (1999).

I've got so much to do
And so little time
My life's a million miles an hour
I feel like I'm losing my mind
And I'm 60 miles from you
But I'm on my way
And you're the only one that
Makes my worries go away

Oh how it makes me crazy
When you're not with me baby
And there is nothing I can do
I wanna be with you

(End chorus)

Sometimes I sit right down and
I just think about you
I think of how nice it would be
Just to be with you

Every day and every night
To know that everything's all right
And now I'm 30 miles away from making
All my wrongs feel right

One more mile I've got to drive and
I can see those city lights
And I'm taking the next exit
And we'll own this town tonight

But the time will fly
And I'll say goodbye and
I'll be back to missing you
Another day, another dime
For every minute on the line
I've got to pay just to talk to you

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