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Keep On Breathing

This song is by Exilia and appears on the album Rightside Up (2000).

Such sadness in her eyes
all she heard was lies
hard to breath and hard to eat
forced to take her violence neat
all the walls closin' and doors shut left and right
seemed like the only thing was a long black night

No no no no black night
no no no but she said

keep on breathin'
Keep on copin'
Keep on livin'
keep on hopin'

No more sadness in her eyes
truth killed off the lies
she breathes deep and smiles wide
lady luck rides at her side
all the walls are down and the way ahead is clear
seems like she's gonna fly
with no more fears

No no no no more tears
no no no cause she said

Keep on breathin'
Keep on copin'
Keep on lovin'
Keep on hopin'

Don't go under
don't fall down
whatever you give must come round
don't go under
don't fall down must come round

No no no no black night
No no no 'cause she said

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