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Mixed Emotions (1978)Edit

Exile - Mixed Emotions
Mixed Emotions
  1. You Thrill Me
  2. Never Gonna Stop
  3. There's Been A Chance
  4. You And Me
  5. Kiss You All Over
  6. Ain't Got No Time
  7. Don't Do It
  8. One Step At A Time
  9. Stay With Me

Don't Leave Me This Way (1980)Edit

Exile - Don't Leave Me This Way
Don't Leave Me This Way
  1. You're Good for Me
  2. Nobody's Hero
  3. Don't Leave Me This Way
  4. Take Me Down
  5. Smooth Salin' (Rock in the Road)
  6. Jailbait
  7. There's a Love
  8. The Closer You Get
  9. It Takes Love to Make Love
  10. Let's Do It All Over Again

Exile (1983)Edit

Exile - Exile
  1. Take Me To The River
  2. Woke Up In Love
  3. Red Dancing Shoes
  4. We've Still Got Love
  5. I Just Came Back To Break My Heart Again
  6. This Could Be The Start Of Something Good
  7. After All These Years
  8. High Cost Of Leaving
  9. I Don't Want To Be A Memory
  10. Here I Go Again

Kentucky Hearts (1984)Edit

Exile - Kentucky Hearts
Kentucky Hearts
  1. She's A Miracle
  2. I've Never Seen Anything
  3. You Make It Easy
  4. Comin' Apart At The Seams
  5. Just In Case
  6. Give Me One More Chance
  7. Somethin' You Got
  8. If I Didn't Love You
  9. Ain't That A Pity
  10. Crazy For Your Love

Hang On to Your Heart (1985)Edit

Exile - Hang On to Your Heart
Hang On to Your Heart
  1. Promises, Promises
  2. I Could Get Used to You
  3. Hang on to Your Heart
  4. She Likes Her Lovin'
  5. Music
  6. I Got Love (Super-Duper Love)
  7. It'll Be Me
  8. Practice Makes Perfect
  9. She's Too Good to Be True
  10. Proud to Be Her Man

Shelter from the Night (1987)Edit

Exile - Shelter from the Night
Shelter from the Night
  1. Just One Kiss
  2. Shelter from the Night
  3. My Heart in Good Hands
  4. Showdown
  5. Fly on the Wall
  6. Feel Like Foolin' Around
  7. I Can't Get Close Enough
  8. She's Already Gone
  9. It's You Again
  10. As Long as I Have Your Memory

Justice (1991)Edit

Exile - Justice
  1. Even Now
  2. One Too Many Times
  3. One More Reason
  4. Dreams Die Hard
  5. What You See
  6. (For You, for Me) Forever
  7. Shot in the Dark
  8. Somebody's Telling Her Lies
  9. All in Good Time
  10. Nothing at All
  11. The Invisible Man
  12. If There's Any Justice

Other SongsEdit

  1. Heart And Soul

Additional information

Artist information:
  • aka: The Exiles
Years active:
  • 1963-present
Band members:
  • J.P. Pennington
  • Les Taylor
  • Sonny LeMaire
  • Marlon Hargis - (keyboards
  • Steve Goetzman
Related artists:
Record labels:

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