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Rising Of The Dead

This song is by Exciter and appears on the album Heavy Metal Maniac (1983).

No one knows when they'll come
No one knows where they'll go
But I've seen their bloody faces
Outside my window
There's no place to run
There's no place to hide
And now they crawl in numbers,
Satan by their side

Unleash the terror, the dwellers of the grave
Unholy children of the time
I've seen them steel away the life blood
From the realm,
And iron cross now marks the sign

This is the rising of the dead
This is the dawning of the prisoners of hell
This is the rising of the dead
Witches and warlocks cast their spells...
Of hell

Satan's followers spread evil 'cross the land
You know dead men never lie
But when you come
Across the faceless ghost alive
You'll see the haunting in his eyes

You run from these people
Thinking they're dead
Their hands are attacking
They're inside your head
Prisoner of hell casting their spells
They rise from the dead, no one can tell

The first day they're dying
The third day they rise
The corpses are walking
Red in their eyes
They are coming to get you
But you'll never see
One strike from their cross
And you fall to your knees

People are dying, the funeral begins
Satan, he's laughing, opens his hands
Down to the devil your body will go
Then rise from the dead no one will know

Rise from the dead

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