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The Day Before Yesterday

This song is by Ewert Sundja.

I feel I've done it wrong so far
I've called it off before my heart
Had time to place the pieces right
Help me through the hurt tonight

I've been astray for far too long
My eyes are blind, my hands are cold
I need someone to need me now
Crave and care and teach me how

And love, sweet pain of life
Comes alive when you arrive
And love, sweet pain of life
Come alive when you arrive

I filled the days with endless fun
I killed the time to catch the sun
I mortified my soul for joy
While I was laughing I got soiled

And it all comes down to this
That some random lustful kiss
Is much to weak to compete
With a feeling so complete

I wish I'd be the one that you come to
I wish I had you near so I could prove
I wish I had the eyes to see you through
I wish I had the love that is so true
I wish I had that lot to lose

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