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Real Time Strategy

This song is by Ewert Sundja.

I'm choosing my name
And I'm choosing my face
I'm choosing the things
That I'm good at

I'm choosing my home
And I'm choosing the place
I'm controlling it all
And I like that.

Life is taking chances
Making up your mind
Life is finding ways and shortcuts
Choosing a side

We've been given cheats
For this Role Playing Game
Hear me now, and use'em
Life will never be the same

I wear an awesome set of muscles
I have an anti-aircraft gun
It's all in the name of justice
And it's most amazing fun

I have a car with heavy armor
I have a gorgeous looking broad
I have everything I've dreamed of
The computer gave it all

All we have to realize
Life's a game you cannot hide
We need Jesus in our lifes
'Cause you can't save or load
Or overwrite this file

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