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Plan B

This song is by Ewert Sundja.

"Today I'm leaving, guys, take care" I said.
They made a bet "he'll never leave his shed"
And they were right, sudden roar and then a boom
"There's something with car" I sighed and entered room.

I revised the engine and I blew it up
It turned out I did not have the guts
Could it be, that my lifelong dream
Is much better when it isn't real...

Buckle up, honey, let's go for a ride
Let's get away from all of this, baby, just drive.
Buckle up, honey, let's go for a ride.
Lets pack our bags and leave tonight.

He had his plan for life for ages now
But his dreams were kept inside and caged
So, nothing happened, he tried to shut the voice
That yelled inside and took it as a noise

To get his mind off, from the bright shinning keys.
He searched for ways to find the peace
And spent his chance to change the course of life
Started family, got 4 children and a wife

The voice did not stand still and cried for more
Anguish filled the heart and turned it sour
One shiny day he took his car and thought "what if
I lived my whole life wrong?" and drove down the cliff

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